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a blog for intermediate English learners who want to become more fluent in the language. I am originally from the United States and I currently live in Germany. I have been a teacher since 2008, and specialize in business writing and IELTS preparation. Before becoming a teacher, I worked as a copyeditor for government agencies in Washington DC and as a ghostwriter for startup founders and independent consultants around the world. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, practicing photography, and exploring the city by bike.

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My name is John Green. I am 19 and a student in college. I go to college in New York. My favorite courses are Geometry, French, and History. English is my hardest course. My professors are very friendly and smart. It’s my second year in college now. I love it! I live in a big house on Ivy Street. It’s near the college campus. I share the house with three other students. Their names are Bill, Tony, and Paul. We help each other with homework. On the weekend.

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Hello from Denver! I'm mariza.

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